About Us

BankAffiliates.com helps businesses and financial institutions run fully managed affiliate marketing programs for their financial products and services through our rapidly growing affiliate network. We specialize in performance marketing for retail and business lending, deposit acquisition, insurance, investments, and credit. Our focus on the financial space allows us to better service the needs of our partners including compliance issues unique to the financial industry. Additionally, we attract affiliates that reach the target audience our partners are looking for. Whether you’re an organization looking to grow your online acquisition efforts or an affiliate looking for the best financial affiliate marketing programs, BankAffiliates.com is the right choice.


We are driven to deliver traffic to our advertisers on a performance basis where we only get paid when you get more traffic and more conversions. Learn more about becoming an advertiser.


For our publishers we enable you to monetize traffic with the most relevant offers for your audience. No more serving up the same affiliate ads even though you know they do not correspond with your content or your visitors interests. Become a publisher today!

Legal & Compliance

We know the importance of being compliant with financial marketing regulations. Our legal team is always watching for changes in the regulatory environment. Our affiliate managers are keenly aware of who is promoting your brand and how they are doing it.

Our Network

Our success depends on our relationship with our advertisers and publishers. We do everything we can to create an environment that breeds success for our network partners by creating a high-touch feedback loop with those we work with to ensure quality and sustainable growth of your campaign.

If you are interested in working with BankAffiliates.com please contact us