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Our Affiliate Program directory provides information on affiliate offers in and out of our network for financial services, insurance, bank accounts, credit cards, credit repair, and loan services.


Prosper Affiliate Program

Prosper is America’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than 1.6 million members and over $500,000,000 in funded loans. Prosper allows people to invest in each other in a way that is financially and socially rewarding. On Prosper, borrowers list loan requests between $2,000 and $35,000 and individual lenders invest as little as $25 in each loan listing they select. In […]

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Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Personal Capital is an online personal wealth management platform that provides its users with complete financial tracking, asset allocation and financial advisor services. This unique platform helps people to gather, review and understand all of their assets in an effort to provide a holistic and complete picture of their financial position. By blending cutting-edge technology […]

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EverBank Affiliate Program

EverBank provides an array of services including banking, lending, and investing.  EverBank’s personal banking options help people with their deposit needs. Customers can choose from a wide selection of products, including checking, high yield online savings, CD accounts and more. Everbank also delivers a mobile app experience for their customers so they can bank on the […]

Options House

Options House Affiliate Program

The Options House affiliate program provides active traders with a high performance trading platform. Low trading commissions ($3.95/trade), a high speed back-end system, and the ability to customize your platform make this a high performing offer for affiliates who are interested in investment services. Great for active investors Low Trade commission on stocks and options […]

Lexington Law Affiliate Program

Lexington Law Affiliate Program

Lexington Law is the trusted leader in Credit Repair and has been helping consumers take action on their credit reports since 1991. They have served over 1/2 million clients and have led to the removal of millions of questionable items from consumer’s credit reports. In 2012 alone, Lexington Law assisted its clients in the removal of […]

US Bank Affiliate Program

US Bank Affiliate Program

U.S. Bank offers a number of different credit cards that are a great addition to your list of credit card affiliate programs. These cards include rewards cards, standard cards, student cards, and cards to help you establish and/or build your credit. U.S. Bank also has partnerships with large retailers to create unique credit card programs […]

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Discover Bank Affiliate Program

Discover’s affiliate program is one of the leading bank affiliate programs on the web for financial publishers. The Discover Bank Affiliate program helps your website’s visitors make their money work harder. Discover Bank is FDIC insured and has a suite of deposit products. Whether it’s laddering CDs with different rates or using Saving Accounts, IRA’s, and […]

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