Paid Writers

Managing affiliate offers while keeping up with blog posts can be a demanding set of tasks. So, in an effort to lead a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you may need the help of paid writers to produce quality content for your readers. While you can employ freelance writers or guest posters, you may find that […]

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

As we have stated before, building your blogging community should be a critical part of your affiliate marketing campaign. One way in which you can influence your niche community is through blog commenting which also has the dual influence building your backlinks and improving your website’s SEO. This doesn’t mean you should comment on blogs […]

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How You Should Take Guest Posts

Google is tightening down on backlinking schemes in an effort to bring the most relevant quality content to search engine users. Unfortunately, this is hindering guest posting. Bloggers are now worried that by accepting guest posts, there will be a loss in quality on their site that will be reflected in their search engine rankings. […]


Long-Tail Vs Short-Tail Keywords

So you want to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, but maybe you aren’t ranking the way you want to be? Maybe you even want to drive traffic to a particular affiliate offer you are running? SEO is naturally the first step in the process of trying to rank so that you can drive more […]


Decrease Bounce Rates

Your affiliate efforts shouldn’t be thwarted by a poor bounce rate; you work too hard! But, if you want to decrease that rate, you’re going to have to work a little harder. Your bounce rate is one of the most important metrics to consider when trying to drive traffic to affiliate offers. After all, if […]


Is SEO Dead?

Many will tell you that SEO is dead. They’ll tell you that the old ways of building PR are long gone and that SEO is no more. While Google has sculpted a complex algorithm capable of sifting through mass amounts of data and separating quality content from spam, it is not accurate to say SEO […]

Gmail Category Tabs

Gmail Category Tabs (a quick note)

Google made a major change to GMail last week and it will create a huge issue for email newsletters. Google introduced automatic category tabs, three of them to be exact: “Primary,” “Social” and “Promotions.” This means that now all of your incoming emails will be organized into these three folders. The Issue GMail’s automatic labeling […]


Pay Per Call Marketing Stats

There have been many predictions for the affiliate marketing industry, as there is for every other industry, but one prediction seems to be backed by a fair amount of data. Pay-per-call marketing is slated to take off, at least according to Ring Revenue. The call marketing company published a list of the “19 Surprising Call Marketing […]


Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great medium for promoting your blog. It provides an avenue for you to be in constant contact with your audience. In other words, it allows you to keep your ear to the ground and receive feedback. Social media also allows you to build and shape your blogging community, a key step […]


Increase Landing Page Conversions

In the ongoing battle that is online marketing, it is key to continually improve your site in order to drive traffic and conversions. One specific area you should focus on are your landing pages. The landing page is a critical step in a visitor’s progression through an offer, and there are many ways in which […]

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