Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

As we have stated before, building your blogging community should be a critical part of your affiliate marketing campaign. One way in which you can influence your niche community is through blog commenting which also has the dual influence building your backlinks and improving your website’s SEO. This doesn’t mean you should comment on blogs in a selfish manner but rather by bringing rich content and comments to other blogs you will not only be helping your blog community but yourself. We cover some hints for posting quality blog comments below.


Quality Content

The comment section shouldn’t be looked at as only a means of acquiring backlinks. You should look at the comment section as an extension of the content, a place to collaborate with fellow bloggers and your audience. Treat your comments like content and bring in different perspectives and information. This will benefit you in two ways:

  1. 1. your comment will actually be posted, in turn garnering your site a backlink, and
  2. 2. you will gain recognitionpossibly even new readersbased on your comment.

Long Comments Towards the Top

How far do you usually scroll into the comment section? Most people don’t venture too far. If you have the opportunity to write the first comment on a post, make sure it’s hearty and compelling. The first comment is prime real estate, so make it good! This can lead to an active discussion with following commenters, and at the very least, some brand recognition.

Read Other Commenter’s Comments

So, you didn’t make the number one spot as the first commenter. Well, that means there’s some other discussions going on in the comment section. Take part! A great way to do this is to ask questions. This will stimulate the conversation and show the audience that you’re interested.

Comment Often

The best way to get approved for comments is to actively comment. Become a regular in the comment section of your fellow blogger’s blog. Though this is a time consuming option, it will ultimately increase your backlinks and brand awareness as a blogger.


  • Produce quality content in your comments
  • Longer comments towards the beginning of the comment section
  • Read other commenter’s comments
  • Comment often


We know climbing the ranks of Google’s algorithm is a key pillar in your affiliate success, and that a large factor in your site’s PageRank is the amount of sites backlinking to your site. But you must not sacrifice quality content for quick and easy backlinks. Put forth effort and sincerity in your blog commenting and it will ultimately benefit you as a publisher. Follow these tips and build your blogging community!