Decrease Bounce Rates

Your affiliate efforts shouldn’t be thwarted by a poor bounce rate; you work too hard! But, if you want to decrease that rate, you’re going to have to work a little harder. Your bounce rate is one of the most important metrics to consider when trying to drive traffic to affiliate offers. After all, if visitors are hightailing it out of your site, they probably won’t be paying too much attention to the offers you’re running. Here are some tips to decrease your bounce rate!

Decrease-Bounce-RatesYour site takes too long to load

Well, this should be obvious. If you’re site takes too long to load, approximately four seconds or more, the visitor will leave. You need to always be checking your page load times on your site, especially your home page. If you notice your page takes longer than a few seconds to load, then you want to consider making changes to your server, or possibly a server upgrade.

Decrease-Bounce-RatesBrowser upgrades

If a user needs to upgrade their browser to see your page, chances are he or she will drop the visit all together. Make sure you check multiple browsers to see how your site is appearing for every user.

Poor post upkeep

It’s simple, if you’re not posting content often, your visitors will know. A stagnant blog will often see very high bounce rates. You need to be producing quality content, regularly in order to decrease your bounce rate and drive traffic.


Auto-played content

If you have video or audio content that auto-plays on your site, you may be seeing high bounce rates. Visitors are not always in the confines their homes; they may be in an office, on some form of transportation or in any other quiet area. If your content auto-plays and sends a shockwave through the environment of the user, you can bet they will leave your site in a hurry.


Bounce rates are important and you only have a few seconds to retain your visitor. If you’re experiencing relatively high bounce rates, you will want to debunk your site for these issues. Decrease those bounce rates and drive some traffic to your great affiliate offers!