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How You Should Take Guest Posts

Google is tightening down on backlinking schemes in an effort to bring the most relevant quality content to search engine users. Unfortunately, this is hindering guest posting. Bloggers are now worried that by accepting guest posts, there will be a loss in quality on their site that will be reflected in their search engine rankings. Bloggers are now asking guest posters for very high compensation just to be considered. Site owners believe that if they make it very hard for people to inquire about a guest post, that they will not have to weed through poorly written posts that could potentially sink his or her site in rankings.

Fortunately, there are ways for bloggers to filter out damaging guest posts. Follow these tips and reap the many benefits of guest posts!


Be clear about how many links you allow. If you only allow one backlink, explain that on your guest post instructions page. You may also want to limit guest bloggers to having one link in their bio area. Be specific and convey this information when communicating with them.



Include the specific length of guest posts that you want. Keep in mind that if you are going to allow guest posters to include backlinks throughout their post, you will want to limit the number of links based on the length of the post. You want backlinks to be evenly distributed across the article. Again, post this on the guest post instructions page on your site.



It’s crucial that you include the topics that you accept on your site. The more specific you are about what topics you are willing to accept as a guest post, the more likely you are to receive quality content. If you make this information clear for prospective guest posters, then there will be less inquiries to go through.


Other stipulations

Include any other parameters you want your guest posters to follow. The more specific, the better. You know how your site feels and sounds, and you know the quality of your content. Set your level of expectations and, again, include these in your guest post page instructions.




If you’re concerned about quality guest posts on your site, you must provide parameters for your post inquiries. Guest posters need to know exactly what they have to write and how many backlinks they are allowed to include in order to post on your site. Ultimately, including these in your guest post page will cut down on article submissions. As always, push for quality content on your site!