Is SEO Dead?

Many will tell you that SEO is dead. They’ll tell you that the old ways of building PR are long gone and that SEO is no more. While Google has sculpted a complex algorithm capable of sifting through mass amounts of data and separating quality content from spam, it is not accurate to say SEO is dead. 

Google continues to perfect its algorithm in order to deliver the absolute best content to search engine users. Along the way, Google weeded out the ways for sites of poor content to gain PR. These tactics include keyword stuffing, link farms and exact match domains. In fact, if sites resort to these blacklisted avenues of building PR, Google will punish you in their rankings. It’s best to stay away from these tactics and the like. 

But SEO’s not totally dead

There are still great SEO practices that will yield results. Before we get into these examples, it is important to understand one key piece to this whole SEO puzzle: you must have quality content. SEO is useless without quality content. Google’s algorithm is evolved enough to decipher between quality content and poor, spammy content. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are some great ways to SEO optimize your site.

Targeting Keywords

Keywords are key for search engines. Google gleans the keywords from your site in order to better match users to the appropriate content they are searching for. Your keywords act as a signal to Google’s algorithm, identifying the content on your site. 

You want to choose keywords that both relate to the content on your page, and your over all topic. Before you begin SEO optimizing your site, you should create a list of keywords you would like your site to rank for. Check out our Intro to Backlinking presentation to learn how to create a list of keywords for your site.

You want to place keywords appropriately on your site’s pages. This means you should prioritize your keywords based on your page’s content and include those keywords that relate to your page’s topic the most, in key places. These key places include the title tags on your page, and your page’s Meta description.  

But, you should not stuff keywords throughout your page, especially in your page’s Meta description. If you fill your Meta description with keywords, this will negatively impact your PR. So, avoid that.


Though it’s not as easy as it once was, backlinking still exists as a viable way of SEO optimizing your site. One way in which Google decides if your site has quality content worthy of a high PR, is through analyzing the backlinks to your site. If Google sees that many other sites are linking to our site, it shows them that your site must have some sort of credibility and worth. 

But, Google is particular about your backlinks. The algorithm can tell if the link comes from link farms. It can also tell what topic the site is that your link came from. So, you want to have backlinks from sites that share a common topic with yours. You can check out our presentation on Backlinking to gain a better grasp on backlinking. 


While the old ways of generating PR through simple SEO tactics may be dead and gone, there still exists ways of SEO optimizing your site. But, you must always be producing quality content. So, as an affiliate marketer, you must create compelling content and always be looking to optimize your site!