Increase Landing Page Conversions

In the ongoing battle that is online marketing, it is key to continually improve your site in order to drive traffic and conversions. One specific area you should focus on are your landing pages. The landing page is a critical step in a visitor’s progression through an offer, and there are many ways in which you can improve its conversion rates.

Keep important content towards the top


If your visitors have to scroll the page to find additional information, you increase the chances of a conversion. Everything a user needs in order to complete the action on a landing page should be simple and located towards the top of the page.

Keep content focused


The objective of the landing page is to get the user to fulfill the call to action. Any copy that does not, in some way, entice the user to complete the call to action, should be  eliminated from the landing page. This includes information about your company or site, including qualities or achievements. You want to narrow in on the key information that will drive a conversion.

Remove clutter


As previously mentioned, you don’t want your visitor to be confused. If your landing page is cluttered, the experience will be much more confusing. Decide what information is most important to the user. You want the focus to be on the call to action. The process must be as clear and simple as possible. This leads into the next point.

Keep form fields to a minimum


The more a visitor has to read and fill out, the less likely he or she will finish the process. Cutting down on form fields on your landing page will keep the experience simple for the user. You must first determine what information is absolutely necessary to ask for on the landing page. Remember, you can always gather non-crucial information at a later stage in the application process.


You must always be optimizing your site, especially landing pages. So keep it simple and fast. The more time it takes a visitor to find or understand a call to action, the less likely a conversion will take place. If you continue to alter your landing pages to cut down clutter, you should see improvement in conversion rates over time.