Dofollow vs Nofollow

In the ongoing campaign to drive traffic to your site, one tactic you may execute includes building backlinks by commenting on fellow bloggers’ sites. But it is important that you pay attention to whether or not your backlink comment is a “nofollow” or “dofollow” link. Blog Commenting There are many ways to build backlinks, including […]


Building Your Blogging Community

Though it may not seem apparent, a vital part of blogging is your involvement in the community in which you write for. Promoting your content and blog is key, but there is a benefit to growing and supporting your topic’s community members as well. Becoming an active member in your specific financial blogging community can yield more […]


What the Switch from Hotmail to Outlook Means for the Email Marketer

Hotmail is now Outlook, in case you missed the news. For many, Hotmail became a closet amassed with newsletters and spam; it became a place for throwaway emails. But Microsoft aims to eliminate this with the change to Outlook. Hotmail to Outlook Outlook offers its users a “Clean Sweep” tool that removes the disarray within […]

The basics of SEO

Affiliate Marketing 102: The Basics of SEO

In part two of our ongoing internet marketing series we cover the basics of SEO and give you a step by step guide for performing keyword research and optimizing your website content. Introduction to SEO from


FTC Updates Advertising Disclosure Policies

The Federal Trade Commission recently updated its advertising guidelines to account for new marketing channels: mobile and social. Whether you’re a bank CMO or a personal finance blogger, it’s important to understand what these guidelines entail and how to avoid common mistakes which could lead to complaints from consumers. Below are some high-level best practices […]


Bank Affiliate Programs – Getting Approval

It’s no secret that getting approved for financial affiliate offers can be challenging from time to time. This is even more true for aspiring publishers looking to get into affiliate marketing. There are a number of factors that determine whether or not a bank will approve you to run their offer. While you can’t control […]

How to set up a wordpress blog

Affiliate Marketing 101: Setting up a WordPress Blog

This presentation is part of our affiliate marketing series to give aspiring affiliates and publishers the tools they need to get their affiliate marketing business off the ground. Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing and WordPress from


Top Ten Reasons to Move Your Affiliate Program to

1. We Focus on Finance Most major networks are industry agnostic and provide affiliate program management for anything from E-Commerce to flower delivery. We believe the financial industry deserves its own specialized affiliate program management and network, which is why we exclusively work with advertisers of financial products and services. 2. We Save You Money […]


The Benefits of Server Side Tracking

For years cookie-based pixel tracking has reigned as the de facto choice for affiliate tracking. However, the performance marketing landscape is changing. New browser changes, privacy issues, the rise of mobile traffic, and newly proposed legislation are all driving factors for the demise of cookie-based tracking and the rise of Server Side Tracking, a cookie-less […]

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