Paid Writers

Managing affiliate offers while keeping up with blog posts can be a demanding set of tasks. So, in an effort to lead a successful affiliate marketing campaign, you may need the help of paid writers to produce quality content for your readers. While you can employ freelance writers or guest posters, you may find that hiring a main writer for your site will benefit the site in the long run. This will create a unique voice that your audience can expect from your blog.


You first want to consider the qualifications you want from a writer. This can include any prerequisites like degrees, expertise in a specific niche, or SEO experience. It is also important figure out how often you want the writer to create posts and what voice you want from the writer.


Once you have the qualifications in order, the next step is advertising the position. There are many avenues for advertising writing positions, and perhaps one of the most popular of sites is Blog Dash. This site connects writers in every niche with site owners who need content producers. Blog Dash allows you to set up a specific “opportunity” that you want filled by a qualified blogger. From there, you can use filters to find the most qualified writers for your site. This provides a great way to meet the criteria you outlined in the first step.


Alternative ways of finding a quality writer are Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist and job boards. When posting the writing opportunity on any of these sites, you want to include the stipulations you defined in the first step. This will screen through the interested writers and garner only the writers that you want for your site.

Predefining the compensation for your writer can also eliminate any confusion about what is expected from you, the employer, for this job opportunity. But you may find that it is more appropriate to settle this one-on-one with the applicant.


  • Brainstorm the desired qualifications
  • Decide if you want to include compensation stipulations
  • Advertise the writing position