Pay Per Call Marketing Stats


There have been many predictions for the affiliate marketing industry, as there is for every other industry, but one prediction seems to be backed by a fair amount of data. Pay-per-call marketing is slated to take off, at least according to Ring Revenue. The call marketing company published a list of the “19 Surprising Call Marketing Stats You Can’t Ignore,” and they are, indeed, quite hard to ignore. Some believe that pay-per-call even has the capability of improving all other marketing channels, including digital and traditional. But will 2013 be the year of pay-per-call? You be the judge.

19 Call Marketing Stats

1. By 2016 mobile search queries will eclipse desktop search by 27.8 billion in the United States.(Source: BIA Kelsey)

2. 70% of all local, mobile searches result in a phone call. (Source: Google Mobile PlayBook)

3. 64% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to shop online. (Source:eDigitalResearch)

4. US mobile local advertising will exceed $9.1 billion by 2017. (Source: BIA Kelsey)

5. The number of mobile search users will reach 225 million people by 2016. (Source: BIA Kelsey)

6. 55% of mobile searches trigger conversions (phone call, store visit or purchase) that happen within one hour. (Source: Google Mobile Search Moments Study)

7. 91% of all US citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. (Source: Morgan Stanley, as reported by HubSpot) Think about it, where is your phone right now?

8. Total mobile spending will reach $7.29 billion in 2013. (Source: eMarketer)

9. Customers who pick up the phone are 10 times more likely to make a purchase than those who only click on a link. (Source: Kelsey Group Study)

10. BIA Kelsey forecasts that there will be 70 billion calls from the Internet and mobile to all U.S. businesses by 2016, with most of them coming from mobile devices.

11. 53% of online shoppers cite a lack of human interaction as a reason for abandoning their shopping carts. (Source: Harris Interactive)

12. 63% of purchases researched online convert offline. (Source: Searcher Behavior: On-and Offline Purchase Stats, The ClickZ Network

13. 10 – 30% of all calls are high quality, lead based calls to a business. (Source: BIA Kelsey)

14. According to Google’s Surojit Chatterjee, Group Product Manager of Global Mobile Search Ads, “When an advertiser uses click-to-call ads with call extensions and location extensions, we see an average CTR increase of 6-8%.”

15. $68 billion of the $132.8 billion spent on local advertising across channels is going towards driving telephone calls to businesses. (Source: BIA Kelsey)

16. 61% of businesses rate their inbound phone leads as “excellent” source. (Source: BIA Kelsey)

17. 3 out of 4 mobile searches trigger follow up actions, whether it be further research, a store visit, a phone call, a purchase or word-of-mouth advertising. (Source: Google Think)

18. When people use mobile search to help make a decision, they are 39% more likely to call a business to further their actions. (Source: Google Search Moments Study)

19. With call analytics, marketers save up to 12% of their search budget which they can then redeploy into more effective search campaigns. (Source: BIA Kelsey)


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