Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great medium for promoting your blog. It provides an avenue for you to be in constant contact with your audience. In other words, it allows you to keep your ear to the ground and receive feedback. Social media also allows you to build and shape your blogging community, a key step in your blogging endeavor.

social-media-marketingWhile the rewards of social media may be fruitful, the task of launching and executing a successful campaign is quite overwhelming; the planning and constant upkeep requires a tremendous amount of time and, believe it or not, resources. You may even want to consider bringing a professional on to run your social media campaign, depending on your site’s size.

But, if you do choose to launch your own campaign, here are some helpful tips you should keep in mind during the planning stages, as well as throughout the execution.


It is key that you create some sort of a plan for your social media campaign; you do not want to “wing it.” Your plan should include your goals, audience overview, tools and strategy. There are a number of online tools and services that provide social media analytics that you should consider on the onset of your campaign. These will help you measure your footprint in specific social media channels, as well as help you accurately reach your goals.


Setting your goals is a key step in your social media marketing campaign; you must define what your goals are in order to be successful. But you should avoid setting your social media goals in terms of metrics like amount of twitter followers or Facebook likes. Instead, set your goals in terms of leads, or conversions.


Understand your audience. This shouldn’t be a new concept if you manage a blog. Nobody knows your audience better than you, so use this in your social media marketing campaign. When outlining your audience in your plan, you want to be as descriptive as possible. The more targeted your social media campaign is, the more success you will see.


A social media campaigns is a large undertaking, and you can’t go about it alone! There are many tools that can aid you in your social media crusade, one of which is HootSuite. HootSuite allows you to manage multiple social media channels from one platform. Users can draft Facebook posts and schedule them to be posted in the future. HootSuite also provides custom analytics. You can manage many channels through this platform, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


Now that you have your goals, tools and audience in order, you must create a strategy. How will you drive traffic, and ultimately conversions, to your social media profile? There are many ways to do this, but you must find the right blend for your audience!

    • Images and media– Images convert four times more than text links. Utilizing images and media will drive social media participation.
    • Quality vs. quantity– More tweets and wall posts won’t help if they are not meaningful. Focus on quality.
    • Direct contact– Answer people’s questions; respond to posts. Be in direct contact with your audience
    • Link to content– bring outside content in!

Choose the right channel

Pay attention to your audience and the channels they focus on. If you target audience actively participates on Facebook but hardly ever tweets, you should cater your plan towards Facebook. It’s simple: you go where your audience goes.


Social media is all about active participation. If you want to drive traffic and learn from your audience, you must participate in discussions with your readers. It is not enough to just create a Facebook page and create posts. You must read what everyone is saying about you; you must make comments whenever possible. Be active in the dialogue!


Starting a social media campaign is by no means easy. You must understand the undertaking of such a campaign. But, if you have the appropriate time and resources to dedicate to such a plan, the rewards can be very high. But you don’t want to get in over your head, which is easy to do with social media. Create a plan and manage your goals and progress.